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President shows example

The President of our school, Ms Riitta Konkola, has recently started to tweet (@RiittaKonkola). That gave me the idea to have a look at the current Twitter accounts of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. 

Accounts of various functions

Below are the accounts I found by the Twitter search using “metro” and few other accounts I know are maintained by Metropolia staff.

Metropolia Twitter accounts 6.2.2014

Metropolia Twitter accounts 6.2.2014

Activity varies

The activity of the accounts varies e.g. according to the resources invested in it. Some accounts have more people producing content than others.

Some projects in Metropolia have used Twitter and when the project finish, the account gets silent. The same may happen, if an active member leaves a Twitter production team.

Depending on the profile of the account, it takes more or less time to produce tweets on a regular basis. You may

  • tweet your own messages and links
  • re-tweets from other accounts
  • automated tweets from e.g. Facebook or

Apart from the automated tweets from, it takes time both to construct own tweets and find tweets worth re-tweeting. Even the automated tweets from Facebook have to be created first – of course it may be another team doing that.

Continuity – case @MetroCareer

While working for the Career Services I launched @MetroCareer in 2010. I collected accounts on few lists to showcase job searching and recruiting related tweets, made two digipapers out of the tweets @MetroCareer followed by and re-tweeted about job searching and recruiting. 

@MetroCareer is still the second followed account of the school, even if it was silent for almost 3 months after the termination of my work contract in last October.

When I came back to Metropolia in last November, I got a new interest in @MetroCareer eventhough my position is no longer in Career Services. At the moment we are three interested metropolians “unofficially helping out”: Ms Louise Stansfield from Business School (@Finnfield), Ms Milla Hakkarainen from Alumni Relations (@Millalaa) and yours truly. 

It’d be great to see @MetroCareer continue with proper resources – Twitter is great add to the customer service palette.

Twitter, @MetroCareer 6.2.2014

Twitter, @MetroCareer 6.2.2014




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Statistics on Google url shortener


Few notions on nice applications that I’ve recently stumbled upon – both have their virtues:

+ colourful
+ pictures
+ subsections
+ each article can be tweeted in Twitter
– ads
– somewhat chaotic layout
– only whole paper can be liked in Facebook, not individual articles

+ friends & friends of friends who posted visible
+ each article can be tweeted in Twitter or liked in Facebook
+ no ads
– colourless
– few pictures
– somewhat dull layout

The Tiina Niskanen Daily on 31.1.2011

The Tiina Niskanen Daily on 31.1.2011

The Tweeted Times by TIINANIS 31.1.2011

The Tweeted Times by TIINANIS 31.1.2011 I first noticed some months ago. It took me some time to try it out, my personal first issue was out on 8.1.2011 ( After that I also tested a paper with my Twitter list of colleagues ( and with an account I had set up for our Career Services (

About I learned reading some answers in Quora – couldn’t find the post anymore, otherwise I would’ve given credits here.

My first was published 11.1.2011 (, since then they seem to have changed the domain to Google found comments on the change by eg @mickwe and @cheeaun 14.1. It’s really a fast business!

While writing this post I came across a similar app for Facebook called “Postpost” (thanks to a Quora answer by Helge Prestrud Astad) – can’t wait to test that, too :)


Edit 8.10.2012: Statistics on Google url shortener

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