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2012-7-12 Diaboloing on the roof

Photo: Diaboloing on the roof. Karakallio, Espoo, Finland 12.7.2012 (Edited in Picasa’s Creative Kit: Exposure, colours, cropping, BW & watermark, CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)

I removed all photos by other photographers I had pinned in Pinterest due to copyright issues. I left only my own photos and Google+ feedbacks there.

Most of the photos by others were from Google+. I had already thanked the photographers for their work by plussing and often also sharing, but Pinterest helped me remember the highlights in a gallery form.

Now I think I’ll just share my favourite photos by others in Google+ and use some own hashtags so that I’d find them easier later (#TiinasFavouritePosts  , #TiinasFavouritePostsOfAnimals  etc).

“Lifelong learning” are not just empty words.



Ellen Brundige: Is Pinterest a Haven for Copyright Violations? (Update 21.2.2012)

Opettajan tekijänoikeus by Tarmo Toikkanen: Tekijänoikeuksien uudella rintamalla: Pinterest (9.3.2012)

Google+: Tiina Niskanen (post about Pinterest 19.7.2012)

Edit 16.1.2013: Statistics on Google url shortener

Content CC BY Tiina M Niskanen

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