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2012-03-24 Sticker figure

Photo: Sticker figure. Sello Leppävaara, Espoo, Finland 24.3.2012 (SOOC except for watermark, CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)

The elected are in public customer service and should be easily reachable. 

  1. The essence of social media is listening and discussing, not shouting your message in a traditional marketing way in a time limited campaign. To use the full power of social media, you should take it in long term use as a customer service tool alongside your phone and email.
  2. You’re promoting your services: your name should stick to people’s minds.
  3. If you plan to stay active in politics longer than just for the elections, you should not tie the name of your social media channel to a particular year or elections.
  4. If you are not sure, that you wish to profile yourself in a certain way for longer than just for the elections, you should not tie your social media channel name to a particular theme or slogan.
  5. If you wish to reach out for a heterogenic group and not send a message of limiting your communications to only one language, avoid using only one language in the name of your social media channel.
  6. Your social media channel should be as easily remembered as possible, avoid using multiple languages in the name of the channel.
  7. Take into account the technical limitations in your chosen social media channels. Eg currently you can change the name of your Facebook page only when you have less than 200 fans. This means usually, that a candidate can’t plan to change the year specific name of the page after the elections.

Did you already figure out, what my recommendation for a candidate usually is regarding naming their social media channels?

These were the first things I thought about after checking some Facebook pages of candidates running for the Espoo City Council in the coming municipal elections in Finland on 28.10.2012 .

For most part I’d  thought through these issues already when I helped a candidate in the Finnish Parliamentary Elections 2011 with her digital media campaigning (homepage, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


I had a screenshot chosen for this post of an old school friend’s politician page, but luckily enough I checked the copyright policy of Facebook first (should’ve asked for brand permissions to use a screenshot).



Facebook: Brand Permissions Center

Facebook: How do I change my Page name?

Facebook: Mika Levänen – Esteettömyysasiantuntija

Ministry of Justice, Finland: Municipal election on 28 October 2012

On Second Thought: Surprise for Facebook Admin Parliamentary Elections


Edit 16.1.2013: Statistics on Google url shortener

Content CC BY Tiina M Niskanen

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