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Blogging on hiatus

I’ve been too busy to blog for a long time and it really shows – see the stats of the About page below!

I made some updates on the page to explain the situation, but I can see the irony between my social media blog topic and the execution.

2015-07-19 Blogi-tilasto, kropattu


Exploring the photo world

On summer vacation I’ve revived my photo hobby and also explored some photo product sites like Crated, Fine Art America, Redbubble and Society6. Have a look if you’d find eg a card, print, mug, T-shirt, pencil skirt or a shower curtain of your liking :)


Statistics on Google url shortener

Since I work in a University of Applied Sciences and I’ve been interested in social media, I’ve wanted to get an overview of the social media usage on the Finnish university homepages. Inspired by the crowdsourced book¬†by the activists around SomeTime2013 event about the state of social media in Finland, I finally decided to have it a go.

To get the data relatively quickly, I just checked the main pages, even though I knew that sometimes there would’ve been more examples deeper in the structure, eg on Library or Career Services pages.

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)

All but one UAS had some social media application on it’s homepage, the UAS that had most, had five.

The most popular social media applications used was Facebook: 25/26 UAS had it on their main page. Almost as popular was YouTube (19/26) – blogs (12/26) and Twitter (12/26) less so.

The range was quite wide: 11 different applications or formats (blogs, wiki). About half of the applications (Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo, VKontakte, wiki) were used only by one UAS.

2013-05-25 Social media on Finnish university homepages

UAS: Social media applications on the main page 24.5.2013 (Centria added 25.5.2013)


All universities had at least one social media application on it’s homepage, the one with most had six.

The most popular was Facebook (17/18 had), then came YouTube (13/18) and Twitter (12/18).

Universities had narrower range of applications than UAS: only seven. Flickr and Pinterest appeared only on one page each, LinkedIn on 3 pages and 4 had blogs.

Universities: Social media applications on the Finnish main page 24.5.2013

Universities: Social media applications on the main page 24.5.2013

Social media has come, but is it to stay?

I made a similar check in 2011 and there were much fewer mentions of social media then. I may have a closer look at the raise some time later.

It’s interesting to see, how the schools invest in the use of social media now that there are big funding cuts at least on the UAS sector. Even if the applications are free, the active content creation, curation and community management requires time and staff. Will the social media experiments melt away like spring ice, when the climate change?

Spring shore. Laaksolahti, Espoo, Finland 28.4.2013 (Edited with Picasa's Creative Kit: Rotation, exposure, colours, Reala 400, Lomo-ish & watermark, CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)

Spring shore. Laaksolahti, Espoo, Finland 28.4.2013
(Edited with Picasa’s Creative Kit: Rotation, exposure, colours, Reala 400, Lomo-ish & watermark,
CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)

Edit: Centria added to the UAS list afterwards on 25.5.2013, the numbers in the text corrected accordingly.

Edit 2: The University of the Arts Helsinki started 1.1.2013, the founding agreement was signed 15.11.2011.

Edit 3: Took out the word “Finnish” from few places, since the main page for Swedish schools is in Swedish.



Metropolia UAS, News: Metropolia Initiates Information and Consultation Process

Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland: Polytechnics aka Universities of Applied Sciences

Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland: Universities



Edit 23.7.2013: Statistics on Google url shortener

I just got a reminder of the “thank you economy” by a blogger, who confessed that she seldom comments blog posts, even if she’d enjoyed them. She raised a good point: thanking is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be underused.

Excuses for not to thank

If I’m just quicly checking something, I may hurry to move on when I’ve found the answer. Complimenting the individual who provided the information may be nowhere near my thoughts at that point, even if I may thank the concept of internet and online information.

If I’m surfing around with more time on my hand, I may have too high a standard: how much do I really appreciate this? Is it worth a thumb up, a share, a like, a +1 or a comment?

Even if I would like to show my appreciation, it may be that the forum I’m on doesn’t allow me to use the kind of method I’d like to: a thumb up on site if I’m not up to sharing, +1 if I detest Facebook and so on.

Baby steps for the better

This post and the snapshot below are my way of thanking Carrie K Sorensen for her blog post.

I hope that writing this reply helps me slow down and remember to say “thank you” more often also in future.

2011-12-2 Violet on plate


Inspired by or related to:

Carrie K Sorensen: Chasing Revery: I’m A Horrible Blog Responder

Gary Vaynerchuk: The Thank You Economy in Google books


Edit 10.3.2012: Statistics on Google url shortener

Content CC BY Tiina M Niskanen

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