This blog contains my thoughts around social media on and off duty. It has been on hiatus since 2/2014. The future is open.

At work until 10/2013 I explored how social media could help students in job hunting and employers in recruiting. During 11/2013 – 5/2015 I was busy assisting the staff and students in well-being. Although thinking about how social media could help them, I didn’t find time to blog about it here. Instead I made a Google Doc with examples of organizations that might be interesting for them and shared it in the intranet. In crowdsourcing spirit the document was open for the staff and students alike to edit.

In personal life social media has offered a great way for networking, learning and sharing.

Below I’ve listed most of the social media applications I’ve used.

Off duty, primary

Off duty, secondary

On duty (2013- )

  • xTune (Metropolia, Sometu networks)
  • Yammer (Metropolia, Finnish Universities and KOUTSI networks)

On duty (2010-2013)

2012-5-19 Content me. (Edited with ribbet, CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)

2012-5-19 Content me.
(Edited with ribbet, CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)


“Maybe I should try macro blogging, too…”, I thought December 2010 and tweeted away. I had been surfing around and reading interesting articles as usual when I had noticed, that my intended blog comment was getting way too long. That was the last straw.

Before I had always thought that I didn’t have enough to say, but because I had been practicing with micro blogging in Twitter and Facebook for some time, it didn’t finally feel such a big leap to try out also macro blogging. The focus I chose for the blog, was my greatest interest at the time – social media.


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Edit 19.7.2015: Added “on hiatus” mention, Instagram and Crated.