From online to offline and back

I got the invitation for my first photowalk in Helsinki via Google+. On the photowalk in July I met people who told me about a local photo group in Facebook. After my second photowalk in Helsinki I now follow also the Facebook group, but I post most of my own photos in Google+:

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It has been interesting to notice, how the online connections transform into real life connections, and how those in turn inspire new online connections.

Photowalk Helsinki II – part of Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

My second photowalk in Helsinki was on 5.10.2013, which happened to be also a “Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk” day.

The walk leader was Heli Vilmi, assisted by Rich Hernigle and Don Trammell. Anyone was welcomed: no matter hobby, amateur semi-professional or professional photographer. I’ve attached links in the end of those whose pages I’ve found.

About 60 people signed up for the photowalk in Facebook and 20 in Google+ – the groups were partly overlapping. The crowd was again a multicultural one. The participants had roots in at least in following countries: Canada, Finland, France, Iran, Spain, USA and Turkey.

Finlandia House. Helsinki, 5.10.2013 (Edited with ribbet, CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)

Finlandia House. Helsinki, 5.10.2013
(Edited with ribbet,
CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)



Facebook, event: Photowalk Helsinki, II
Google+, event: Photowalk Helsinki
Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk: Helsinki, Uusimaa Finland
(Heli’s profile picture taken by me on the July photowalk :)

Heli Vilmi
Don Trammell
Rich Hernigle

Hakan Deniz
Hamed Sh.
Hannu Kokko
Janne Haaja
Jukka Mannermaa
Jukka Pinonummi
Jukka Tilus,
Marika Sinervo
Miia Haatanen
Olivier Béaslas
Pauli Araneva
Pekka Akin
Ritva Marja-Liisa Pökälä
Svend Videbaek
Tiina Niskanen
Tomi Katajaheimo
Tua Rahikainen


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Edit 2.11.2013: Jukka Mannermaa, Hannu Kokko (2nd link)