CircleCount, Pages, Finland 13.4.2013

CircleCount, Pages, Finland 13.4.2013

CircleCount keeps track of Google+ profiles and pages. I just noticed that there are currently three pages in the Finnish Top 10 that I have either created by myself or together with others:

1) Summer Photos (5th place, launched 6.6.2012)
2) Metropolia Career Services (7th, launched 8.11.2011)
3) Weekly Photo Project 2013 (9th, lauched 21.12.2012 together with Andrew Willard and Iain Harley)

The content of the pages varies: Summer Photos re-shares participants photos, career services posts links to job ads (sometimes as re-shares from other pages), photo project posts current information for the project participants.

No tricks

There has been no tricks or fancy SEO tactics involved, just simple, small common sense things: sharing interesting content (own or re-shared from participants), thanking for posts, commenting, discussing, listening, reacting to raised concerns or opinions, some promoting on other platforms (blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Most of the active promotion for the pages has been made inside Google+ by the participants themselves. For the photo pages people mention the hashtag, page name and curators in their public posts, so there’s a good chance for a snowball effect. The photo pages are also listed on the “Daily Photography Themes” page. I’ve mentioned the photo project for new followers of Summer Photos, since the project is open to join all year round and people sharing their summer photos might be interested. The “Summer Photos” and photo project have had some polls and events, the latter also recorded video sessions with project participants (Hangout On Air, HOA).

The photo project has been actively promoted on Iain Harley’s blog, few times in Facebook, the #WeeklyPhotoProject2013 hashtag is in use in Twitter by few participants. I’ve listed the pages on my blog, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, the career services page is listed on the school’s homepage and career services’ Facebook page.

Active community management

People appreciate if you are kind and show interest. Even very simple positive responses to posts and comments engage people, encourage them to participate and create the sense of doing something together. Even though Google+ communities would be better suited for actual “community management”, similar processes can be applied on Google+ pages.


With limited resources it’s great if you can share the workload with co-curators. The content and intensity of curating varies among the Daily Photography Themes, but even giving simple responses takes time, if there are a lot of participants.

The photo project has 245 people who has posted at least once since the beginning, but not all of them post every week. The Summer Photos started in July from Northern Europe with many posts per day, but the summertime on the Southern Hemisphere has been much slower.

Small country

Last but not least: Finland is a small country with a population around 5 million people, so you get on Top 10 lists with less volume than on larger markets.

With the 1 758 followers the Summer Photos page wouldn’t even fit the Top 100 on the CircleCount list for United States (would be 193rd) – on the United Kingdom’s list it would almost fit in Top 50 (would be 51st).



CircleCount: Finnish Google+ pages
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Edit 23.7.2013: Statistics on Google url shortener