2012-6-4 Summer Photos, ver 1

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New Photography Theme

There were “Daily Photography Themes” for other seasons in Google+, but not for summer, so I launched the “Summer Photos” page on 6.6.2012.

There were also already some special themes related to summer (beach, shades), but I wanted a theme open to anything summery.

Lessons learned

Earlier I had participated on numerous photo theme pages and launched one business page.

Below are few things that I’ve come across during my short time as a photo theme page curator in Google+:

  1. It’s good to write down some instructions for participants, but not to expect people to read or obey them.
  2. Commonsensical hashtags will probably be invented and used by others, too: don’t expect to own the hashtag you’ve chosen for your page (#SummerPhotos in this case).
  3. If the photo is tagged with the page, it appears automatically on the page, but only as a limited post. For maximum visibility the curator has to share the post publicly by hand.
  4. If the page isn’t mentioned in the post or comments, the page can’t share the post unless the page is circled by the poster.
  5. It seems that if the post is edited, it doesn’t show in the hashtag search, which makes it more difficult for the curator to find the submissions.
  6. Even light administrating of a theme page by sharing posts takes time, especially if you try to find all submissions. Individual feedback and other active forms of curating take even more time.

From co-curating to crowd-curating

Lately I’ve seen more and more curators step aside or at least try finding co-curators. The more popular a theme gets, the more time it takes to curate.

Thinking about time constraints of theme curators and crowdsourcing I came up with the idea of crowdcurating. Let’s see how it works on Summer Photos, or if it’s just a contradiction in terms.



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Edit 16.1.2013: Statistics on Google url shortener http://goo.gl/KCQWI+