During Christmas holidays I noticed, that my Google+ account suddenly had got hundreds of new followers.

The only reason I could think of was that I’d started sharing my photos using “Daily Photography Themes” (DPT) hashtags.

Power of hashtags

I had noticed that people started using hashtags in Google+ to find interesting posts around specific themes – much the same way as in Twitter.

I didn’t notice any noticeable response using general hashtags like #socialmedia or #Finland, but with “Daily Photography Themes” hashtags I sure did.

My follower count had risen quietly but steadily since joining Google+ in mid-July, but the big leap came 23.-25.12. after I had started using DPT hashtags. Second peak was after new year celebrations on 2.-3.1. (see the chart below).

2012-1-5 GooglePlus followers, chart

Chart 1. Daily increase and total number of followers, Tiina Niskanen in Google+ between 14.7.2011 – 3.1.2012

What else works?

Do you have any similar success stories, with photos or other stuff? Share them in comments below!


Inspired by:

Google+: Daily Photography Themes


Edit 10.3.2012: Statistics on Google url shortener goo.gl/9GzUi+