I recently launched a bilingual wiki site for Metropolia’s Career Services. I had been preparing it little by little for over a year.

Starting points

My starting points for the wiki were

  • a bilingual site, taking into account especially our international students
  • a site where I could share and store good materials I had stumbled upon in the net
  • to save some links from Jobstep.net’s Information service in case it would be removed in near future
  • to test if the principles of crowdsourcing would work with a career services wiki (most of the pages can be directly updated by Metropolia’s student or staff user identification, all pages can be commented by anyone)

Because the constructing process had already been so long, I decided not to wait for help to get eg a more polished layout and just launched a rudimentary outline as a basis for future development.

Creative Commons licencing

One interesting thing to consider with a collaborative site like this was the licencing.

I got some good advice about Creative Commons licencing from Vesa Linja-aho and Tarmo Toikkanen, who kindly responded to my query in “Finnish Universities” Yammer.

The reason to use own photos on the site was to get some illustration quickly to start with and to avoid problems with licencing.


The time will tell, how my first larger scale crowdsourcing attempt goes. If you allready have some similar experiences, please share them in comments!

2011-12-7 Wiki, Metropolia Career Services



Metropolia Career Services wiki

Jobstep.net – the career and recruitment service of the Finnish Universities of

Creative Commons licencing

Tarmo Toikkanen

Vesa Linja-aho: blog (Finnish), homepage (work)

On second thought: The Thin Line Between Inclusion And Exclusion (about the origin of the “Finnish Universities” Yammer)


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