I just got a reminder of the “thank you economy” by a blogger, who confessed that she seldom comments blog posts, even if she’d enjoyed them. She raised a good point: thanking is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be underused.

Excuses for not to thank

If I’m just quicly checking something, I may hurry to move on when I’ve found the answer. Complimenting the individual who provided the information may be nowhere near my thoughts at that point, even if I may thank the concept of internet and online information.

If I’m surfing around with more time on my hand, I may have too high a standard: how much do I really appreciate this? Is it worth a thumb up, a share, a like, a +1 or a comment?

Even if I would like to show my appreciation, it may be that the forum I’m on doesn’t allow me to use the kind of method I’d like to: a thumb up on site if I’m not up to sharing, +1 if I detest Facebook and so on.

Baby steps for the better

This post and the snapshot below are my way of thanking Carrie K Sorensen for her blog post.

I hope that writing this reply helps me slow down and remember to say “thank you” more often also in future.

2011-12-2 Violet on plate


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