I attended an unconference in the University of Helsinki on Thursday 27.10.2011. One of the themes discussed was networking and tools available.

With today’s cheap and flexible tools it’s often enough to produce meaningful cooperation if only there is a common interest available.

You need to sit at the table to be counted in

In one of the sessions we heard examples how staff in many universities had recently found Yammer increasingly useful tool in their internal communication.

We agreed to make a joint network in Yammer for Finnish universities and polytechnics*, to help likeminded people find each other cross the organizational boarders.

Afterwards I wondered if polytechnics would have been included in the new network, if me and my colleague as only representatives from polytechnics would not have been there and participated in the discussion. I doubt it.

* polytechnic = university of applied sciences – the latter is preferred by most of the schools

2011-10-2 Old curtain


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