Few days ago I noticed that my on duty Facebook page, “Metropolia Career Services – Metropolian rekrytointipalvelut”, was one of a kind on Fanilista.fi, a fanlist of Finnish Facebook pages.

There were no other Facebook pages on Fanilista.fi containing the word “career”, “rekrytointi” (recruitment in Finnish), “rekrytointipalvelu” (recruitment or career service) or “rekrytointipalvelut” (career services in plural).

Inside Facebook a search with the Finnish word “rekrytointipalvelut” produced three hits and “rekrytointipalvelu” one, but only Metropolia’s page seemed to be alive. With the English words “career services” Facebook found hundreds of pages.

Below is a screenshot how the page looks today – welcome along!

2011-9-29 FB, Metropolia Career Services


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Edited 2.12.2011: Statistics on Google url shortener goo.gl/X3uNI+