There is a multilingual radio channel on Finland’s national broadcasting company called YLE Mondo. The current broadcasting languages are Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish.

When I studied English and German in comprehensive school, I used to listen to YLE Mondo. Swedish – Finland’s other official language and an obligatory subject – was available on other channels.

Later I became interested in other languages. On 2007 I sent feedback to YLE suggesting that it would be nice if they added Chinese to their language palette. I even refered to Statistics Finland about the amount of native speakers in different languages in Finland to back up my wish. Nothing happened.

Yesterday I came across Tuija Aalto’s post in Google+ about YLE getting 85 years old and wishing to listen Finns better. First later I realized that the title really was addressed only to Finns, not to YLE’s audience in general – e.g. to immigrants who understand Finnish, but are not Finnish citizens.

I decided to send feedback again – YLE could broadcast more languages, especially Chinese. There are number of other aspects than Finns studying languages, that could be considered: multiculturalism, multilingualism, tolerance, integration and social harmony.

Below is a table which shows, how YLE Mondo has kept the same selection of languages while the Finnish society around it has become increasingly multilingual.

Hope they’ll hear me better this time.

2011-9-15 Languages in Finland


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