Almost every time I check the followers of my new Twitter account I find some unwanted ones:

Followers who have exactly same kind of tweets like

  • “honesty is indeed the best policy”
  • “Patience is a virtue :) Hard work always pays off!”
  • “this twitter software is truly amazing. Gets me new followers on autopilot everyday, see it for yourself :) [URL]”

Followers who don’t have any

  • tweets
  • description of themselves
  • link to their additional data

So far I have mostly blocked these followers, because the report option includes the word “spam” and these followers haven’t sent me direct messages, only followed. Reporting for spam has felt too harsh – maybe partly because I never report email spam, either.

But I begin to realize that spamming has evolved and how spamming may be different in Twitter than in email: already “Repeatedly posting duplicate updates”* may constitute spam.

It seems it’s time to become more strict: not only to block, but also report.


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@TiinaNiskanen , my new English Twitter account
@tiinanis , my before bilingual, now Finnish Twitter account