Today I happened to compare the amount of job ads in Xing and LinkedIn. I hadn’t used Xing before, in LinkedIn I’d been for four years. Metropolia’s Career Services I added to our general company profile for less than a year ago.

The selection of 30 countries around the world became Europe biased (70 %), because I noticed that there were comparatively many job ads in Xing from Germany and I wanted to check the countries nearby. Other countries were from Africa (13 %), Asia (7 %), North America (7 %) and Australasia (3 %).

The job ads in Xing were very clustered and European: only Germany had more than thousand job ads* (about 4 000), only Switzerland and Austria over hundred.

In LinkedIn five countries had more than thousand job ads*: USA (about 41 000), UK (4 000), Canada (3 000), Netherlands (2 000) and Australia (1 000). Altogether 14 countries had over hundred job ads.

If a job seeker would like to choose between the two systems, I’d advise to participate in LinkedIn instead of Xing – except if looking for work in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Table 1. Job ads in Xing and LinkedIn in 30 countries
2011-6-28 Jobs ads by country, Xing, LinkedIn

* The numbers of job ads in the text are rounded to the next thousand.


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