I’ve run a bilingual Facebook page “Metropolia Career Services – Metropolian rekrytointipalvelut” for our job seekers and employers since 1.9.2010.

The Wall:

On 15.6.2011 I noticed, that the Discussions section used for promoting job ads had disappeared completely.

The missing Discussions:

After some googling I learned that I wasn’t alone with my problem. I also discovered, that I could see the Discussion board and access the job ads, if I wasn’t logged in Facebook – usually it’s the other way round!

Dicussions board when not logged in Facebook:

I have three assisting admins on the page whom I asked if they had some idea about the current situation. So far two has answered, but thinking about Facebook’s recent processes with eg. group upgrades I’m more inclined to think the problem lies within Facebook itself, not with us.

I filed a bug report for Facebook, asked my readers do the same and posted a comment on Facebook Pages Discussions thread.

Any suggestions what to do next?


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