As an admin I’ve now upgraded successfully two relatively small Facebook groups, but stopped wondering why I can’t upgrade the third.

The first group had under 30 members, the second under 400 hundred and this third called “Karakallion koulu” (in English “Karakallio school”)  has over 600 members. It shouldn’t be about the size, though, because a friend upgraded his group Vanity Backstage that has around 3 000 members.

The group hasn’t been very active lately, but according to some comments even active groups have missed the opportunity to upgrade.

I’ve now tried to

  • post a test message and refresh (didn’t work)
  • ask members if any of them sees the upgrade link (no answers yet)
  • ask a new member to join and see if he gets a possibility to ask the admin to upgrade (no answers yet)

See the screenshot below: no link for upgrading. Wonder why not?

Old Facebook group "Karakallion koulu"


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