Facebook page admins should be alert, I’ve noticed. Otherwise, funny things like this can happen:

Anybody noticed?

The first wall post on the screenshot by “Johanna Värmälä” is liked by “Johanna Värmälä”. Not so stylish.

While logged in Facebook and using it as the page, the situation looks quite different, though:

See what I mean?

After the upgrade to the new page format it’s quite easy for an admin to forget that she is using Facebook as a page, if not on guard. Or which page, for that matter – eg I myself am admin for two Facebook pages at the moment.

The example page here was built for a candidate running for the Finnish Parliament (http://goo.gl/KV11h), Ms Johanna Värmälä. I’ve got the honour to be one of the five admins on the page.



Edit 29.9.2012: Statistics on Google url shortener  http://goo.gl/aYPgh+