Round new year there have been a lot of posts looking back or forward in time – or both.

This is my brief, possibly incomplete and somewhat inaccurate list of applications related to social media that I’ve used so far.


  • Facebook: got an account, didn’t use actively until 2010
  • LinkedIn: got an account
  • Picasa: got some photo link from an overseas friend, sent some links to overseas relatives, haven’t used that actively lately
  • Skype: some calls to overseas friend & relatives


  • Delicious: got an account, after a while used only sporadically


  • Moodle: got acquainted with employer’s version of the system


  • Amplify: just got an account, was surprised by the good visibility on Google search
  • Connect Pro: have participated employer’s seminars etc remotely from own office
  • Diaspora: just got an account, like the collaborative OS spirit & ownership ideas, isn’t expecting much from alpha, everybody still on FB
  • Doodle: found and liked, used few times
  • Facebook: got first active with the private account, then made a group for school & parents to use and a page for employer (Metropolia Career Services), added a widget to employer’s homepage
  • Google: used Google docs collaboratively first time
  • Knowledge Practices Environment (KPE): used a little in one project
  • LinkedIn: participated in building the employer’s company profile, have been thinking about other possible professional uses
  • Mahara: got an account, acquainted with employer’s version of the system
  • Memolane: just got an account, loved the visual timeline, think Scoble had a point when suggesting that companies would pay for the service (see the end of this post)
  • Moodle: updated a course for employer to be used as an info package for students’ self study or reference material for teachers
  • Quora: just got an account, didn’t get kicks out of it
  • Second Life: got an account, didn’t get so excited about it because of the demanding UI
  • Skype: some calls & chats also inside Finland
  • Soovox: just got an account, didn’t get kicks out of it
  • Twitter: got active first with a private account (@tiinanis), then made one also for employer (@MetroCareer), added a widget to employer’s homepage
  • Wiki: made a restricted team page for employer, started planning an open info page for Career Services
  • WordPress: just started this blog
  • YouTube: just got a personal account, have been thinking about possible professional uses


Inspired by

  • Robert Scoble’s interview 18.12.2010 on YouTube: “Memolane: innovative look at your social media life”
  • Ilkka Koivisto’s blog post 31.12.2010 on WordPress: “My Social Media Year 2010: Test everything. Hold on to what is good.”


Update 2011-1-6


  • stopped using in Tweets after it announced mandatory sign up (seems to have changed again)
  • Google: started to use Google url shortener after, like the statistics
  • Klout: found to be an Explorer with a Klout score of 17
  • RockMelt: could try only at work (at home only Linux)


Edit 19.11.2012: Statistics on Google url shortener