Sometimes it feels like social media is seen only as a means to an end, creating traffic to company website and leading cash in. The talk is about money, cost efficiency and resources. The discourse is technical, filled with SEO and ROI.

Such narrow focus forgets the characteristics and best qualities of social media, denies and therefore loses its intrinsic value: turnes a coloured picture into black-and-white, a 3D multifaceted world into a flat surfice.

As in so many cases, the question seems not to be about “either or”, but rather “both and”. It’s not fruitful to put traditional and social media in some hierarchical juxtaposition, but to find the best ecological niche for both, where they serve their purpose best.

Let there be different functions, serving different needs of the customer in different times – but let them be equally valued and respected. For example a well-informed and interested customer looking for more in-depth information needs different service from a dissatisfied customer filing a reclamation.

All this even more so, because in the future the traditional and the social media seem to merge more and more into one offering a seamless user experience.

Sure, when the resources are limited there will be competition. But let the division be based upon sound grounds, with the weight on the content and expediency of the present instead of the status and prestige of the past.

If your website is not well equipped for flexible and friendly customer service, why would you like to lure your customer away from the cosy and familiar world of her favourite social media site?


Inspired by Rebecca Gill’s blog post 22.12.2010 on Web Savvy Marketing: “In the Land of Social Media, Do Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers Really Matter?”


Edit 18.6.2012: Statistics on Google url shortener